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I am Lina, a 22 year old girl from Stockholm, Sweden.
This is my own little place where I post all sorts of things I find interesting and inspiring.
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17 October 14

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1 April 14

Evolution of the Bicycle


8 March 14

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27 December 13
B is for Bicycle (by Nordiska museet)

B is for Bicycle (by Nordiska museet)

14 November 13


13 November 13

Masters of Sex - Opening credits


22 October 13
I heard people like loops

I heard people like loops

29 July 13

OSCILLATE (by Daniel Sierra)

Posted: 8:54 AM
Posted: 2:43 AM
24 June 13

KNITTED (by Rosa Stigter)

17 May 13

istanbuldiary said: Thank you ! It is a wonderful piece of Jan Johansson.

You’re welcome!

13 May 13

Resan mot ett bättre SJ har bara börjat (by hovkratsen)

10 May 13
30 April 13
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh